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Depression sucks, i spend my own fair amount of time there…. I will never give up on you. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we will be your neighbours, in our own little mind houses that sometimes malfunction or have too many guests. Thank you for sharing this, and all the other things you share.

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Your fight inspires, helps, and has so much purpose. Stay inside as long as you need, and please know that whenever your ready to finish those posts, or come outside we will be here with open arms and support. I am there right now. Thank you, Elise. I saw the Weinermobile today. There was a kid in the grocery store blowing on a weinerwhistle. Because I used to have one when I was a kid. I would not know what this is like, except that my daughter is a rapid-cycling bipolar.

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Often she will take her meds and sleep it off. I can never fully understand, but I try to be a safe place for her to vent. Feel better, Jenny! This too shal pass. Although I do want to say that I think I subconsciously associate you not only with hard times, but with making it through those hard times with silliness and compassion. I had a nightmare last night basically about being useless and a failure, and then after that I dreamt that I was hanging out with you and we were dancing it out and being silly.

And that brought me comfort and made things seem not so bad. Keep trying the lights. Thank you for being brave enough to share your journey with us. Your tribe is here for you, and each other, always. NotAlone Sending you love.

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Prayers have been said for you, Jenny! We will be here when you feel better. No one will give up on you! You have support in us when you can find the strength to let us help give you strength. Sometimes after being a period of extreme busyness, where I have to use all my energy to keep it together, I fall into a hole of exhausted depression. Too tired to fight I suffer there for awhile. Hang in there, Jenny, as you know you are NOT alone… some of us are searching for the light switch…some are waiting for the light to come back on, hopefully for a prolonged period.

We are here for you just like you have been here for us! Take all the time you need, we are not going anywhere! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. Right now my recovery involves watching episode after episode of Bones while I paint pictures. Lots of love. Then I read this and there were the words I was looking for. Every time they do so I fight to get back up and fight my way out of the darkness. Thanks for that.

I feel you, because I am so often in those rooms in my head as well. Just remember, none of us expect you to put out cracker trays or even serve us drinks, we are content to wait until you find yourself again, whenever that may be. No worries …. FYI your my new favorite author.

Funny that even in,what I know all to well to be a fleeting but considerably dark place you could come up with a fantastic metaphor like contractors for depression.

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Take care of yourself lady. My own depression always makes me angry. And low level depression makes me go through the days cranky and slightly pissed off.

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  • Just be yourself. We forget that deep sadness will pass but too aware that happiness will. At some point that blue bird of happiness will alight on your head and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Jenny, I will never, ever give up on you. Because you are worth it. Get my point? Please keep explaining what you are going through because it helps to know. And you describe it perfectly. I could have written this. Only not as well. I was in this very same spot when I met you at the Erma Bombeck thing, actually, and hearing your presentation that day was a flashlight in the dark for me.

    I wish I had the power of words you do. I have been battling Major Depression for almost two years. On Tuesday, I had to put my dog to sleep. Take care of yourself. Just believe we are all out here for you, so when the lights do come Back on it will be like a surprise party!! But we are here! Ride that wave while it lasts!!

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    I feel like I am right there with you. I am in the same head space. I have depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I hate the feeling of it trying to creep back in. Like you I keep trying to get the lights to go. Thank you for being so open and letting people know that it is okay to feel this. What a great analogy. I suspect you sharing your honest feelings despite the darkness may help more people than your funny stories do as good as they are. Hoping the lights start working again soon. Hugs in the meantime. Happy to keep you company here. The same way you keep every last one of us company when we are there.

    You can lay your head in this collective lap. It feels like trust when you share the stuff that really matters to you. It reminds me that I have been right to trust you with my fragile self. And in barnyard camera news…I appear to have blown my laptop speakers.

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    I may have started trying to share taunt? I hope they appreciate the sacrifice I have made for them.

    I recently upped my dosage of Happy Pills anti-depressants because the funk I was in was not going away. I also get Seasonal Affective Disorder from lack of sunshine in the Winter time. Also, those drawings you do are wonderful. Thank you for your post Jenny. I have been feeling depressed for awhile and then yesterday my father in law died giving me a reason to be depressed.

    Oh man, that first paragraph pretty much describes me to a T. This whole post does, actually.