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She got jealous of the time he spent away from her. Better yet, focus so intensely on your career that you find success before you find love. For Greg and so many other would-be pros, they allowed their talent to inflate their egos, which kept them from being disciplined in their craft.

How to Live Your Dream When You're Scared to Death

Structure your days so that greatness becomes a habit. Devote equal parts of your time to learning, applying and sharing. Remove the daily obstacles Facebook, email, etc that keep you from persisting in your goals. Burnout is the work phenomenon that can stop you cold in your tracks.

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Hard work is a virtue, no question, but there has to be a balance. Some people think that a couple weeks on a cruise or in the Bahamas will be enough. Instead, strive to have fun every day. Schedule it, and don't deny the impulses to do what you love. Have Fun. I've heard that regret for the things you didn't do is the most painful deathbed emotion. You can palliate that feeling with any number of distractions now When your story comes to an end, will you be proud to tell it?

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How to Live Your Dream When You’re Scared to Death

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If you want to live your dreams you have to give up the behaviors that are holding you back.

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No one gets to the level of where they are now if they stop working. The ones who were meant to stay in your life will stay. With giving comes fulfillment. It could be your time, your effort, your gift. Remember: your gift is NOT for you. Steve Harvey said:. Your gift has been given to you to bless and help other people.

What you put in, you pull out.

It could be dedicating once a week to reading self-development books , listening to motivational podcasts , going to the gym twice a week, sourcing new clients , or putting that extra effort into that which is needed to live your dreams. To an extent, to live your dreams is NOT for yourself or even your family or loved ones — but for others.

Greatness goes a step further to touching the lives of people, impacting individuals with your work or business. Remain who you are. Stay true to that person. Once you live your dreams, you realize that to get anywhere in life, it takes A LOT of confidence in yourself. As you face more opportunities, it requires greater motivation and belief in yourself, because things WILL get harder.

Sometimes, the people you bank on to support you might disappoint you. But do you give up OR do you draw strength from within and keep pressing on? You begin to try out new ventures in your quest for greatness.

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Along that journey, you stumble into things you never knew you loved or enjoyed — and a new chapter unfolds in your life.