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Comparative dashboards were developed to show individual physician AS adoption rates in contrast with his or her peers.

Overdiagnosis: when finding cancer can do more harm than good

The study demonstrated that AS increased from The investigators noted that this model may be particularly helpful as the United States switches from a volume-based to value-based system of care for reimbursement. Dr Kane said clinicians need to be vigilant in measuring and improving quality of care in this patient population. Careful patient selection is important and clinicians are now better able to use PSA screening and other tools to identify the best candidates. Louis, Missouri, said that new imaging modalities are now making it possible to better identify those patients who may be best suited to AS.

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He said there is now a greater awareness among clinicians about how best to use PSA values in conjunction with other criteria. In contrast, a more effective way of reducing over treatment is improving patient-provider communication regarding the risks and benefits of immediate treatment. Informed discussions accounting for patient preferences, tumor characteristics, competing risks, and life expectancy provides the opportunity to tailor treatment strategies for each individual patient.

Put more simply, just because you were diagnosed with low risk prostate cancer does not mean that you need to undergo immediate treatment, there are alternative options.

Together we will beat cancer

Active surveillance with curative intent is a strategy that defers initial treatment in favor of close monitoring and reassessment of disease. Designed to defer or avoid entirely the side effects incurred with local therapy, clinical evaluation and repeat biopsies are scheduled at defined intervals to detect progression to clinically significant disease at a stage at which it can still be effectively treated with surgery or radiotherapy.

  • Avoiding Overtreatment Saves Medicare $M Over 3-Year Period in Older Men With Prostate Cancer.
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  • Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of early detected prostate cancer!
  • Prostate cancer treatment rates drop, reflecting change in screening recommendations.

While not right for all patients with low risk prostate cancer, active surveillance should be considered a viable management strategy that is endorsed by the American Urological Association and has been incorporated into existing national best practice guidelines. In addition, research continues to uncover new clues to identify which men are at highest risk of aggressive prostate cancer and could most benefit from screening and treatment.

Is prostate cancer overtreated?

We know prostate cancer is a deadly disease in some men. We need better tools to identify which men should be screened and among those diagnosed, which men should be treated aggressively.

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  6. This is still a black box. Nicole Fawcett. January 09, PM. MORE FROM THE LAB: Subscribe to our weekly newsletter The decline reflects efforts to decrease overdiagnosis and overtreatment — preventing some unnecessary treatments that can negatively impact long-term quality of life, while still providing lifesaving care to patients who need it.

    Segment 1: Screening in Prostate Cancer

    Tudor Borza, M. Prostate Cancer.

    Cancer: Cancer Types. Lab Report.

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